Emergency (FAST)

Minimal-invasive surgery is becoming more and more important and has developed to be a standard procedure in many areas. Ultrasound guidance for these procedures is more accepted technology of visualization. Ultrasound scanners  are turning from tool of diagnostician to that of surgeons.

Ultrasound scanner AcuVista Grace is specially designed for non-diagnostic usage. It is fully controlled with a single ActivTwist device: a new generation of encoder and integrated touchpad. The control is as simple as in your smartphone. Simply touch ActivTwist panel or swipe with one or two fingers to activate icon and rotate a wheel to change active parameter. Excellent real haptic feedback in your fingers from encoder lets you change parameters without looking to device. No other buttons are needed. You can completely focus on patient but not on the device control. Almost all functions can be controlled both by ActivTwist and touchscreen. Intuitive interface makes it possible to use this scanner by doctors without special training.

AcuVista Grace Ultrasound Guidance